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Combustion and Environmental Monitoring
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Boiler, Turbine and Stack Gas Emissions Analyzers
LAND design, manufacture and supply a range of analyzers for monitoring: combustion efficiency, pollutant emissions, dust and particulates, coal fire detection and gas turbine blade temperatures.

Combustion and Stack Gas Emissions Analyzers and Systems Measurement of Nitric Oxide Opacity and Dust Emissions Monitoring Measurement of Carbon Monoxide Measurement of Hydrogen Sulphide Measurement of Nitrogen Oxides Measurement of Carbon Dioxide Measurement of Oxygen Measurement of Nitrogen Dioxide Measurement of Sulphur Dioxide Measurement of Hydrocarbons
Product Range
LAND has a comprehensive range of portable and continuous monitors and stack gas analyzers for a wide range of industries including power generation, waste incineration, cement, glass, steel and petrochemicals.

 Combustion Efficiency Monitors    Stack Gas Emissions Analyzers
A comprehensive range of combustion monitoring instrumentation for efficiency, corrosion protection and protection applications.
  A series of analyzers for continuous stack emissions monitoring of CO,O2, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2 and CO2 in process exhaust gas streams.
 Opacity and Dust Emissions Monitors    Portable Gas Analyzers
A range of continuous opacity monitors for measuring the dust emissions in an exhaust gas stream.   A range of lightweight, simple-to-use portable gas analyzers with facilities aimed at a wide range of industrial applications.
 Turbine Blade Temperature Monitoring    Coal Fire Detection Systems
A proven, non contact monitoring system for utility gas turbine rotor blade temperatures and condition.   A range of products to provide advance warning of fires in coal handling, processing and storage areas.

LAND gas analyzers carry a wide range of compliance and performance approvals including those from the US-EPA, UK MCerts and German TÜV.
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