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Portable Gas Analyzer
Lancom III

Combustion and Stack Emissions Monitoring

The Lancom III is a compact, portable combustion and emissions analyzer for checking or testing a boiler system or pollutant process.

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It forms part of the Lancom portable gas analyzer range , which includes the Model 220, a sulfuric acid dewpoint temperature and SO3 analyzer.

The Lancom III is now firmly established at the forefront of portable gas analyzer technology. It has the capability to monitor up to 9 different gases, and a total of 17 measurement parameters simultaneously.

The Lancom III offers the best accuracy available from a portable gas analyzer, achieved by using an advanced sample conditioning system. It has the features and options you would expect from a leading gas analyzer, plus many which single it out as being the most robust, versatile and complete portable gas analyzer currently available.

Gases Measured
Carbon Monoxide (CO low range)
Carbon Monoxide (CO high range)
Carbon Monoxide (Hydrogen compensated)
Oxygen (O2)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)
Nitric Oxide (NO)
Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)
Sulphur Dioxide (SO2)
Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
Hydrocarbons (CxHy)
Nitric Oxides (NOx) - calculated where NO2 sensor not fitted

portable gas analyzer for combustion and emissions monitoring - Lancom III
Lancom III portable gas analyzer in use

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Gas Sample Probes

Model 220 Portable Acid Dewpoint Monitor

Portable Gas Analyzers - Overview

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Portable Gas Analyzer range
Gas Selection Max. No. per analyzer Emissions Combustion Options Model Name
CO, O2, NO, NO2, CO2, SO2, H2S, CxHy, NOx 9 (minimum of 3) Y Y Customer selectable Lancom III
SO3, sulfuric Acid Dewpoint Temperature 2 Y Y None Model 220

Key Features
Up to 9 simultaneous gas measurements - user selectable
Monitoring of up to17 measurement parameters - one instrument to meet all requirements
Weighs only 6 kg / 13 lb - easily carried around plant
Robust, industrial design - for daily use in the harshest plant environments
Integral printer - instant record of measurement readings
Wake and Sleep, semi-continuous operation mode - for periodic unattended operation
Range of user selectable options - ideally matched to application requirements
Data acquisition & analysis software - capture, manipulate, and report data on your PC
Simple field upgrade - add features and options as and when required
Meets US EPA CTM 034 reference method - report generation to recognized standards
ETV Logo
Utilizes ETV Verified Technology
Report September 2005
Measurement Components
Sensor Standard Range Max. Range # Accuracy Resolution
Oxygen, O2 0 to 25.0% Vol. 0 to 30.0 % Vol. ±1 % ±0.1% Vol
Carbon Monoxide, CO (low) 0 to 2 000 ppm 0 to 10 000 ppm ±2 %* ±1 ppm
CO (H2) compensated 0 to 2 000 ppm 0 to 4 000 ppm ±2 %* ±1 ppm
Carbon Monoxide, CO (high) 0 to 4 % 0 to 10% ±2 %* ±1 ppm
Sulphur Dioxide, SO2 0 to 2 000 ppm 0 to 5 000 ppm ±2 %* ±1 ppm
Nitric Oxide, NO 0 to 1 000 ppm 0 to 5 000 ppm ±2 %* ±1 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide, NO2 0 to 100 ppm 0 to 1 000 ppm ±2 %* ±1 ppm
Hydrogen Sulphide, H2S 0 to 200 ppm 0 to 1 000 ppm ±2 %* ±1 ppm
Carbon Dioxide, CO2** 0 to 25.0% Vol. - ±0.5 % Vol. ±0.1% Vol.
Hydrocarbons, CxHy 0 to 5 % Vol. (Application dependent)
Flue Gas Temperature Measured 0 to 1000 °C (± 5 °C) / -5 to 1832 °F (± 41 °F)
Ambient Temperature Measured
Draft ±51cm / 20 in Water Gauge***
Flow (velocity) 1 to 50 m/s
Note: Special ranges are available
*       Calibration per CTM034 or Land Factory procedure
**     True measurement if sensor fitted (calculated if not)
***     Reduced to ±26 cm / 10" Water Gauge when used with flow probe
# Operating at maximum possible range may affect sensor life and accuracy

Combustion & Environmental Calculations

The Lancom III portable gas analyzer can provide the following information:

Combustion efficiency
Excess Air
CO2 reading (where no sensor fitted)
Oxygen normalization
Total NOx
Wet or dry basis
Automatic conversions - ppm, mg/m3 , lb/mmBtu, ng/J
  Standard Features

These items come as standard with all instruments:

Standard Sample Probe
Built-in Thermal Printer
Data Logging
RS 232 or RS 422 Serial Communications Interface
GASS Freeware - for remote upgrade and diagnostics
Carrying Case

The user selects which gases and options are required

Lancom III portable gas analyzer
Lancom III portable gas analyzer

Portable Gas Analyzer with integral printer
Integral printer gives instant records

Portable gas analyzer with easy-to-use key panel
Ergonomic front panel for simple operation

Options and Accessories

Draft Measurement - internal stack pressure in hPa or inches water gauge
Flow Measurement - flue gas velocity, flow rate and mass emissions rate
Smoke Measurement - readings to Bacharach smoke scales
Range of Gas Sample Probes - Smoke, Flow, DrySampler* and High Temperature
Insight Data Acquisition Software system - simple-to-use WindowsTM reporting
Analogue outputs (12 current loops, independently user configurable)
Wake and Sleep facility (Semi-continuous monitoring) - cyclical measurement
Dual language display options - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish & Polish
*US Patent No. 6782767


The Lancom III portable gas analyzer has the flexibility to meet all measurement requirements in a single instrument.
The user simply selects the gas types and options (from an extensive list) that are required for their specific application.
Uniquely, the Lancom III gas analyzer can be upgraded in the field by remote communications, where future changes in application requirements arise.
There is no need to return the instrument to the factory.

Data Logging and Analysis

The Lancom III portable gas analyzer has fully in-built, data capture and storage of measurement data, plus a serial port to download the data to a Laptop PC or similar.

Insight is a dedicated data acquisition and analysis software that is specifically designed for use with the Lancom III portable gas analyzer. It allows data capture, storage, analysis and presentation of measurement information in a simple Windows™ based program, which runs on any PC or laptop computer – the ideal reporting tool.

Robust yet lightweight

The Lancom III portable gas analyzer weighs only 6 kg / 15 lb, and can easily be carried around any plant. The compact design ensures that access to remote locations via ladders or gantry work is no problem. It is highly robust and ideal for daily use in harsh industrial environments.
Despite it’s compact size it has on-board battery power, which can provide up to 8 hours of operation where required.

If you would like more detailed product information please use the Further Information form.
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Lancom III Portable Gas Analyzer

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