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The world's leading aluminum extruders now select Land Aluminum Extrusion Thermometer Systems as their preferred choice. LAND offers a complete new integrated range of thermometer systems dedicated solely to aluminum temperature measurement. These instruments contain unique design features which provide inherent measurement stability and reliability.
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In the aluminum extrusion industry, product quality and operating profitability rely on efficient press operation. Press efficiency is increased greatly with accurate, reliable temperature measurement at critical points in the process:

The preheated die prior to installation in the press
The billet as it enters the press
The extrusion exiting the die
The extrusion at the quench exit

These instruments are based on time proven and established systems in the aluminum industry with more than 300 installations world-wide. They are high precision and provide measurement stability and reliability.

A Literature download on the Aluminum Extrusion Industry is available
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Typical temperature measurement locations on an aluminum extruder Preheated Die Temperature Measurement Billet Temperature Measurement Die Exit Temperature Measurement Quench Exit Temperature Measurement
Top of pagePreheated Die Temperature
Preheated Die Temperature

  Dies in ovenThe Aluminum Die Thermometer (ADT) provides assurance that the die, which is preheated in a die oven, is at the correct temperature prior to being installed in the press.
This ensures reduced die wear and improved press efficiency.

There is more information on the Aluminum Die Thermometer and Landmark Graphic LMG AE signal processor available.
Top of pageBillet Profile Temperature
Billet Profile Temperature Measurement

Snap Shot processor display
The Aluminum Billet Thermometer (ABT) provides continuous and highly accurate temperature measurement of the billet as it passes from the heater to the press.

The system can accommodate the large variety of alloy types and degrees of surface roughness often encountered.
The inherently fast response of the sensor enables temperature profiling (i.e. measurement of 'taper') immediately prior to the billet being loaded into the press.

The ABT can be used with the new Landmark Graphic AE Processor for displaying a 'snap shot' of the temperature profile of aluminum billets prior to extrusion.

The LMG AE processor is capable of capturing up to 150 data points from the ABT thermometer with the measurement interval configurable between 10 and 600ms, provided that a user adjustable threshold value is exceeded.
This data set can then be displayed as a graphical profile of billet temperature on the LMG processor front panel.
The processor automatically calculates the temperature taper of the billet; being the differential between two user defined cursor positions.

Benefits of accurate profiling of billet temperatures include increased efficiency, better product quality and reduced die wear.

A floppy disk is also available upon request containing a Procomm Plus™ Aspect file to enable downloading of Snap Shot billet temperature data into a spreadsheet format.

There is more information on the Aluminum Billet Thermometer and the Landmark Graphic AE Processor available.

Top of pageDie Exit Temperature
Die Exit Temperature Measurement The new Aluminum Extrusion Thermometer (AET) provides responsive, continuous measurements on the extruded section at the die exit.
AET utilizes proprietary technology to automatically compensate for alloy type, section profile and partial sighting of the section.

The system has extremely high long term stability, and there are no elaborate setup requirements.
A built-in laser targeting system provides accurate alignment on to the extruded section.

There is more information on the Aluminum Extrusion Thermometer and the Landmark Graphic AE Processor available.

Top of pageQuench Exit Temperature
Quench Exit Temperature Measurement The new Aluminum Quench Thermometer (AQT) is designed specifically to provide accurate temperature measurement at the quench exit.
Measurement at the quench exit verifies the cooling rates required to achieve correct mechanical properties on temperature-critical alloys.

Using temperature measurements from the AET and AQT thermometers, in conjunction with an on-line input of ram or section speed, the LMG AE processor can accurately calculate quenching rates and provide these data to the operator, in a variety of display formats, and to the press/quench control system, via an output with user-configurable quench rate alarms.

Sophisticated two-stage quenching systems can also be readily accommodated.

This measurement is both automatic and continuous. A built-in laser targeting system also provides accurate alignment on to the extruded section.

For more product information see Aluminum Quench Thermometer and the Landmark Graphic AE Processor.

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