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To select the most suitable thermometer or temperature system for your application, or confirm your choice we would like information about the following areas:

- The process and the target
- The thermometer
- Signal processing requirements
- Signal presentation


Nobody likes a questionnaire. Particularly one that is as long and as detailed as this one. However, every question answered here helps to ensure that the equipment we recommend/supply meets the needs of your application in every respect. Please help us to give you complete satisfaction. Answer every question, where applicable, as fully as possible.


1   Brief description of your process.

2   Method of heating - e.g. oil-fired, high frequency induction furnace

3   Size, extent and position of any restrictions in relation to target surface and thermometer.


1   Description of target - e.g. solid steel ingot, molten metal furnace roof.

2   Exact condition of surface - e.g. unoxidized, rough, covered with scale.

3   Target size available - e.g. 5mm diameter (or preferred target size if smaller).

4   Approximate temperature of target:

    Temperature Units C
    Normal working range
    If rapidly changing,
    maximum rate of change 

5   Distance from target to suitable thermometer location


6   Temperature and nature of immediate surroundings - e.g. workshop at normal ambient
     temperature with tungsten filament, fluorescent lighting, interior wall of furnace chamber at 1000C.

 If the target is transparent what is the temperature and nature of the background - e.g. shiny
     metal at 300C, cold rough metal.

8   Surrounding atmosphere - e.g. air with combustion products, reducing, inert, vacuum.


1   Thermometer environment
    Temperature Units C
     Maximum ambient temperature
     Minimum ambient temperature

     How hot would the thermometer get without cooling? Specify temperature if known or 'hand
     warm'/'too hot to touch'.

2   Specify any limitation of thermometer size


1   Preferred output type
   Current output: 0 to 20mA
4 to 20mA
  Voltage output: mV/

     Other, please specify         

2   Would you prefer the output to

      Follow exactly the temperature of the target
      Represent the hottest signals received from the target
      To sample, and at periods determined by the process, hold the temperature
      To produce an 'average' reading

           Other, please specify

 Do you require any of the following alarm functions:

      High alarm only
      Low alarm only
      High and low alarm

4   When an alarm function is required what is the preferred response time of the alarm?

 If you have any other signal processing requirements not covered by earlier questions please
     describe them here.



1   What readout equipment is required
      Digital indication
      Analog indication
      Control - state type e.g. ON/OFF

2   Any limitation on size of readout equipment.

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