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알루미늄 금형 예열 온도계 - ADT
Aluminum Die Preheat Thermometer  
The Aluminum Die Thermometer (ADT) is designed specifically to provide temperature measurement of the die prior to being loaded into the press.  
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Why Measure Temperature?
Dies are preheated because hot, extruding aluminum coming into contact with a cold die would solidify immediately causing the process to stop
Many dies will be placed in a die oven to be preheated before being loaded into the press
Occasionally, a die will be inadvertently removed for loading before it has fully preheated to the specified temperature, typically ~450°C
An under temperature die must be detected before it is loaded into the press and causes a significant process stoppage with resulting loss in process efficiency and profitability
  Temperature range: 300 to 1100°C/600 to 2000°F
  Wavelength: 1.6µm
  Response time: 5ms 0 to 95%
  Emissivity: 0.20 to1.00
  Resolution: 1°C  /  2°F
  Field of view: 22:1
  Min. target diameter: 23mm/0.90in
  Focus distance: 500mm/19.5in
  Absolute accuracy: 0.25%K + 1K
  Accuracy in operation: ±5°C/±9°F
  Sealing: IP65
  Vibration: 3G any axis, 10 to 300Hz
  Ambient temperature
Optic head/light Guide:

0 to 50°C/32 to 122°F
10 to 60°C/14 to 140°F
  CE: EN 50-082-2 (immunity), EN 50-081-1 (emission), IEC 1010 (safety)

A brochure covering infrared temperature measurement systems designed for the Aluminum Extrusion Industry which includes details of this product is available here. Last Modified (27/03/03) 1272KB
If you would like more detailed product information please use the Further Information page.
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