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알루미늄 압출 온도계 - AET
Aluminum Extrusion Thermometer  
The AET thermometer is specifically designed for temperature measurements in the aluminum extrusion process.

It offers unequalled performance and ease of use, without continual repositioning, and can even cope with the most difficult extrusion applications.
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AET senses infrared radiation in two pairs of two wavelengths. These thermometer signals are analyzed by the AET processor to provide an accurate measurement of extrusion temperature and indication of surface finish automatically compensated for different alloy types.

Straight from the box operation
AET can be fitted “straight from the box” and will measure with high precision. It does not require elaborate setup procedures.

AET uses the unique internal auto-calibration technique proven over many years in Land GP4 and RP4 thermometers. This gives exceptional measurement stability over years of operation.

Measurement at distance

The AET sensor can be mounted well back from the extrusion press exit. The product does not need to fill the target area to make an accurate measurement. This makes for easy installation and avoids continual repositioning for different alloy sections.

Temperature and surface finish

Both temperature and surface finish indication (emissivity) signals are available from the Landmark Graphic (LMG AE) processor.

Automatic shape compensation
The system automatically compensates for product shape over very wide limits.

Automatic alloy compensation

The system automatically compensates for all alloy types commonly extruded.

Optimization option
About 90% of extrusion applications can be met “straight from the box” - i.e. with the LMG AE processor left at factory settings. Exceptional situations are accommodated by trimming the system with reference to a special Land supplied contact thermocouple. This optimisation procedure is facilitated by using the Land APCOS software supplied with the LMG AE processor. These would include very highly “featured” sections, such as finned heat exchangers and certain (very) unusual alloys. Once determined, special settings can be quickly input to the system either manually or via an RS232C serial link.

Alignment Laser
The built-in alignment laser makes realignment following die change a simple procedure.

  Thermometer: AET
  Processor: LMG AE
  Range: 350 to 600°C/650 to 1100°F
  Accuracy in application: ±5°C/±9°F; emissivity ± 0.02
  Temperature outputs: 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA, numeric display
  Emissivity output: 0.02 to 1.00 volts (emissivity 0.02 to 1.00), optional numeric display
  Communications: RS232C
  Ambient temperature limits: 5 to 45°C/41 to 113°F
  Processor Power Requirement: 100/110/120/200/220/240V a.c., 48 to 62Hz ±5%
  Laser alignment : < ± 0.25 ° angle

A brochure covering infrared temperature measurement systems designed for the Aluminum Extrusion Industry which includes details of this product is available here. Last Modified (27/03/03) 1272KB

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