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광케이블형 FG 온도계
Fibroptic Model FG thermometer  
The Land Fibroptic Model FG radiation thermometer is a fibre optics based 2-wire temperature sensor which has been specifically designed to solve measurement problems and improve control of process temperatures in the glass industry.

Model FG is primarily intended for monitoring and controlling glass or refractory temperatures in the forehearth, but also in the regenerator, tank and refiner. However, it can also be used for cost effective temperature measurement in a range of other applications.
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It can be used to monitor and safeguard vulnerable refractory materials such as the crown, detect possible firing imbalance at the port arch, for example, and to give improved control of bulk glass temperatures.

Glass Industry - Forehearth application using the Fibroptic Model FG thermometer  
Minimal services - no water cooling required.
Simple 2-wire 4 to 20mA current loop installation.
Accurate, stable and reliable measurement up to 1650°C/3000°F.
Built-in test facility.
Emissivity adjustment
No on-line calibration required.
Continuous measurement - rapid interchangeability of system.

Calibration traceable to National Standards, backed by ISO 9001 Quality Management System approval.

The Land Fibroptic Model FG fulfils the industry's need for a simple, cost effective alternative to other types of radiation thermometers which normally require water cooling. It also readily permits upgrade from existing thermocouple installations.

A versatile adjustable mounting assembly, complete with quick release adapter and air purge, facilitates ease of installation and removal for inspection purposes.

The signal processor unit is located remotely from the high ambient temperatures encountered at the optic head, linked by a sealed 6.1m/20ft long fibre optics light guide eliminating the need for water cooling.

The processor provides high accuracy linearization of the detector signal, adjustable emissivity compensation, a self test function and a low drift 4 to 20mA output suitable for use with process computers and distributed control systems.

Several models are available with temperature measurement spans to suit the particular application.

Fibroptic FG 9.8/13C: 980 to 1300°C Fibroptic FG 18/24F: 1800 to 2400°F
Fibroptic FG 10/14C: 1000 to 1400°C    
Fibroptic FG 12/16.5C: 1200 to 1650°C Fibroptic FG 22/30F: 2200 to 3000°F

  Measurement ranges    
  FG 9.8/13C
FG 18/24F
FG 10/14C
FG 12/16.5C
FG 22/30F

980 to 1300°C
1800 to 2400°F
1000 to 1400°C
1200 to 1650°C
2200 to 3000°F
  Target size: 20mm dia. at 1m/0.8in dia. at 39.4in  
  Spectral response: 0.7 to 1.0µm    
     Interchangeability ±2°C  
     Resolution 0.1°C  
     Linearization conformity <0.5°C  
     Temp. coefficient <0.04°C/°C - mid span
<0.07°C/°C - span extremities
     Absolute 5°C  
  Output 4 to 20mA (Linear)  
  Response time 0.5s (to 98%)  
  Spectral response 0.7 to 1.0µm  
  System test output 1275°C/2325°F indicated  
  Emissivity 0.10 to 1.00 adjustable (factory set to 1.00)  
  Ambient temp. limits
   Optic head

     Light guide 175°C/350°F  
     Processor 10 to 60°C/50 to 140°F  
  Power requirement 24V d.c. (nominal), 18 to 40V d.c.  
  Over voltage protection 250V a.c.  

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Fibroptic Model FG in the glass industry -
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