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플로트 라인 온도계 FLT5/A
Glass Float Line thermometer - FLT5/A  
In order to achieve consistent product quality on glass float lines, the temperature across the width of the glass must be kept as uniform as possible. This applies throughout the process: from the initial floating and forming in the bath, to the cooling and annealing sections in the lehr.

The Land FLT5/A is designed specifically for use in float lines, measuring glass surface temperature in the range 250 to 1100°C, with excellent precision and long-term stability.
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The thermometer is quickly demountable from a cooling jacket and is compatible with a comprehensive range of mountings and accessories, enabling use in hostile of environments. The thermometer operates on a two-wire, 4 to 20mA current loop and is compatible with industry-standard indicators and recorders.

250 to 1100°C temperature range
4.8 to 5.2µm spectral response
50:1 optical field of view
Fixed focus at 1 meter/39in, with 98% energy guaranteed from within the 20mm/0.8in target spot
Compatible with full range of Land System 4 mountings and accessories


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