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강화 유리 온도계 - GTT
Glass Toughening Thermometer  
The Land Glass Toughening/Tempering Thermometer - GTT is designed to provide both an accurate measurement at the critical toughening/tempering temperature and a fast response to changing temperatures.

Within the thermometer's measurement range of 300 to 800°C/500 to 1500°F there is a high accuracy span from 625 to 650°C/1150 to 1200°F.
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The speed of response of the thermometer is adjustable between 150 milliseconds and 3 seconds.

  Measurement span: GTT°C 300 to 800°C/GTT°F 500 to 1500°F
  Spectral response: 4.8 to 5.2µm
  Target Size: 35mm dia @ 1000mm/1.4in @ 40in
  Accuracy: GTT°C ±2.0°C (625 to 650°C)     ±0.75%K (remainder of span)
GTT°F ±3.5°F (1150 to 1200°F)  ±1%°K (remainder of span)
  Emissivity Compensation Range: 0.3 to 0.99 in 0.01 steps
  Input Voltage: 16 to 35V d.c.
  Output Current: 4 to 20 mA d.c. (linear)
  Response time(to 95%) : 150 milliseconds to 3 seconds (adjustable)
  Error resulting from ambient temperature change: GTT°C  0.3°C/°C for (625 to 650°C), ±0.1% of span/°C (remainder of span), Zero at 25°C
GTT°F  0.3°F/°F for (1150 to 1200°F), ±0.04% of span/°F (remainder of span), Zero at 77°F
  Ambient temperature range: 10 to 50°C/50 to 122°F
  Enclosure environmental rating: IP 65/NEMA 4

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