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The thermometers and thermometer systems listed here are specially designed to solve temperature measurement problems in specific industrial applications.

LAND are also willing to consider making 'customized' non-standard products, or even to develop a particular system from scratch to answer individual requirements. Talk to LAND about your own particular needs.

When you specify LAND you get:

bullet Proven technical expertise and application know-how based on 60 years experience.
bullet Precision, reliable instruments evolved through extensive research and trials in collaboration with industry.
bullet Traceability to National Standards, backed by ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 Quality Management System Approval.
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 유리    제철     비철금속   시멘트 공정    기타 산업
프로트 라인 온도계
광케이블형 FG 온도계
강화유리 온도계
Plate and float glass
Drawing tower
광통신케이블공정 온도계
유리금형 온도계

Stove dome
하부 온도계
표적 궤도 온도계 Galvanising/Galvaneal
래들 안전 시스템
스프레이 챔버 시스템
주조 온도계

  알루미늄 압출
     금형 예열
알루미늄 압연
  아스팔트 온도계   소각로
Human Body Monitoring
Medical Imaging
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