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LAND 래들 안전 시스템 - Automated Torpedo Car Refractory Monitoring
Thermal Image of the torpedo car using Land Ladle Safety System  
Integrated steel mills use torpedo cars to transport molten metal from the blast furnace. Each car has a torpedo shaped ladle and can carry up to 250 tons of liquid metal. The ladle is lined with refractory brick to keep the contents liquid and protect the outer steel shell. The volatility and erosive nature of molten metal make monitoring the torpedo car's refractory lining a vital maintenance function. The consequences of a breakout are considerable, in terms of safety and cost. A single breakout can cost US$250,000 or more.
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The Land Ladle Safety System, which uses a Landscan Infrared Linescanner, produces highly detailed thermal profiles of each side of the car from a short distance. This enables the Ladle Safety System to view very small surface details.
As each car passes a measurement station, ID tags on the car provide car number and temperature data to the monitoring software.
An image file is automatically saved for each side of every car with that information.
The Ladle Safety System can monitor up to 14 user defined zones of interest along the length of the car side.
Each zone has an associated alarm contact which can be used to alert operators to take remedial action.

Benefits of the Land Torpedo Car Measurement System
Avoidance of a breakout and its consequences - time, material, labour and costs
Automated process - saves cost and man time
Historical thermal image database of both sides of every car
Increased safety
Reduction in refractory re-line cost: By having more runs between re-lines and the ability to do partial re-lines
Improved confidence in refractory condition and safety of cars
Planned refractory re-line maintenance schedule

 Specification - Land Ladle Safety System

A Literature download on the Land Ladle Safety System is available.
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