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Spray Chamber System - probe  
For the steelmaker involved in the continuous casting of steel slabs or billets, knowledge of the temperature of the steel is important.
In the spray chamber in particular, an accurate measurement of the temperature of the steel can be invaluable in determining yields, pull rate and the final metallurgical properties of the metal. Comparative temperatures in the spray chamber can also indicate crust thickness and the solidity of the core.
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Easy installation with non critical positioning
Simple, quick, no-tools probe removal
No electronics whatsoever inside the chamber
Minimal services - one non critical air supply for purging
No water cooling

Land Fibre Optic Spray Chamber Systems located at different positions in the spray chamber view the strand between the rolls and provide continuous accurate measurement, without contact, of the metal surface.
The systems are easy to install and designed for trouble free operation. A low cost sighting tube is mounted on the frame of a roll segment to house a readily demountable modular fibre optic probe.
The associated electronic amplifier unit, located remotely outside the spray chamber, is linked by
a high strength sealed fibre optic light guide. An air line, connected to the sighting tube to provide a purged sight path for the thermometer, is the only service required inside the chamber. The electronic unit mounted outside the chamber is provided with electrical power from an interconnected signal processor. The processor provides electronic signal treatment of the thermometer output allowing averaging, peak picking or peak sampling and outputs and displays of the measured temperature.
An optional serial communications facility dives digital RS232C or RS422A outputs and allows access for system parameter adjustments from a remote computer.

Land are also willing to consider making 'customized' non-standard products, or even to develop a particular system from scratch to answer individual requirements. Talk to Land about your own particular needs.

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