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AST - 알루미늄 스트립 온도계
Aluminum Strip Thermometer - AST  
The Land Aluminum Strip Thermometer System - AST is a unique infrared radiation thermometer with an intelligent dedicated processor and 'set up' unit.
AST has been specifically developed to provide the aluminum hot rolling industry with a solution to one of its most difficult problems - the accurate and reproducible measurement of temperature on bright, semi-finished, hot alloy strips.
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It is capable of providing more accurate measurement of temperature than either a single or dual ratio wavelength thermometer.
The AST is highly effective in the measurement of temperature at both entry and exit of the Finishing Mill, the 'Breakdown Mill' (Reversing Rougher) and at the Downcoiler.
The AST can be used to reduce re-annealing and finishing costs and improve process control.
The AST is used with the application dedicated LMG AR processor.

Reduced re-annealing costs
Reduced finishing costs
AST can infer potential problems on preceding ‘Breakdown Mill’ operations, i.e. reduction in coolant
Improved process control
Accurate reliable temperature measurement +10°C/18°F after optimisation with supplied APCOS software
Improved accuracy over both single and dual wavelength thermometers

Automatic ability to cope with varying alloy types and emissivities.
Accurate optimisation using dedicated ‘set-up’ unit.
APCOS software to automate system optimisation.
Highly reliable, drift-free measurement.
Emissivity independence after setting up complete.
The LMG AR Processor provides digital indication of temperature and current analog outputs, for connection to data recording or mill control equipment. An optional Maths Function Card permits mathematical comparisons to be made between thermometer inputs. Results may be used to drive outputs to plant control system.
Supports RS232C and RS485 serial communications.

The AST is highly effective in the following mill locations:
Measurement at both entry and exit of the Finishing Mill
Measurement at the Breakdown Mill (Reversing Rougher)
Measurement at the Downcoiler

As a result of experience gained from many site trials and installations, it has been found that slight variations are required in the temperature calculation coefficient values, in order to maximise the system accuracy at each measurement point. A unique feature of the AST thermometer is the ability to optimise each unit individually. This may then improve the measurement accuracy at each location. Optimisation requires a small number of temperature comparisons to be made on a representative sample of product types, against the AST set-up unit. Optimisation is performed using APCOS (Application Processor Configuration and Optimisation Software), provided as standard with the LMG AR processor. APCOS processes data and submits a relevant solution for the temperature calculation.

  Thermometer type: AST
  Measurement range (specified): Mill entry: 300 to 550°C/570 to 1100°F
Mill exit:: 250 to 400°C/500 to 750°F
  Response time: 1s to 98%
  Target size: 98mm/3.9 in at 2m/78.0in
  Resolution: 2°C/4°F
  Absolute accuracy: Better than 10°C/18°F after optimisation (in application)
  System output: 0 to 20mA or 4 to 20mA (nominal load resistance 500ohms, max load including wiring 600ohms)
  Surface emissivity indication: 0 to 20mA covering emissivity range 0.00 to 1.00
Nominal load resistance 500 ohms, max load including wiring 600ohms)
Alarm relays: contact rating 50V a.c./ d.c. at 0.5A max
  Output update time: 30ms (thermometer channel output)
500ms (maths card output - optional)
  Sealing: IP65
  Vibration: 3G any axis, 10 to 300Hz
  Processor type: LMG AR   (1 to 4 thermometer I/O channels)
  I/O card type: AST I/O card
  Power requirements: 110 to 120V a.c. or 220 to 240V a.c., 48 to 62Hz, 35VA (max. with 4 thermometers)
  Signal processing functions  
  Time average: 63% time constant adjustable 0 to 500s
  Ambient temperature limits:  
    Thermometer 5 to 45°C/40 to 110°F
    Processor 5 to 50°C/40 to 140°F
    Thermometer: 0.8 kg/1.76lb approx
    Processor: 3.6 kg/7.93lb approx
  EMC: EN 50-082-2 (immunity),
    EN 50-081-1 (emission),
    IEC1010-1 (safety)
    For recommendations on thermometer sighting and mounting, refer to LAND
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