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LSP-HD Overview
LSP-HD 10 Series
LSP-HD 20 Series
LSP-HD 50 Series
LSP-HD 60 Series
LSP-HD I/O Processor
LSP-HD WCA Software
LSP-HD Mountings and Acc

The LAND LSP-HD represents the latest generation of LANDSCAN Infrared Linescanner products. Scanning performance of 1000 data points at up to 150Hz sets a new benchmark in terms of process imaging definition. An Ethernet data connection straight from the sensor head removes the requirement for a separate processor whilst the adoption of Power over Ethernet technology (PoE) means all electrical connections are made with a single insustrial Ethernet M12 connector.

The LAND LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner is designed to operate in harsh operating environments and an identical form factor to it's predecessor, the LSP means that compatibility with all existing mounting hardware is maintained. Temperature ranges specially selected to suit a wide range of industrial applications combined with market leading performance, improved simplicity and competitive pricing make the LSP-HD Infrared Linescanner the premier choice for infrared process imaging.
LSP-HD Linescanner Head

LANDSCAN LSP Series - a range of high speed, wide angle infrared linescanning heads   The LANDSCAN LSP series heads are extremely compact and have a minimized depth and base 'footprint' for installation in restricted spaces, designed to reduce heat absorption. A built-in laser targeting system aids alignment on to the target.

A range of Landscan LSP heads are available
LSP-HD 10 Series : 600 to 1500 C
LSP-HD 20 Series : 200 to 850 C
LSP-HD 50 Series : 150 to 750 C
LSP-HD 60 Series : 20 to 250 C
LSP-HD 71            : 50 to 350 C

  Choice of temperature ranges and operating wavelengths
  Field replaceable sapphire sighting window
     minimises maintenance downtime
  Variable focus - LSP10 and LSP20 series
  Scan angle of 80?
     (software adjustable down to 40?- Landscan Control Batch)
  Scan speed of 10 to 100Hz (adjustable)
  Built-in laser to define scan plane and angle
  Single cable connection between head and processor

  Improved product quality and operating profitability
  Closer control of heating and manufacturing processes
  Detect product defects and heating problems quickly
  Reduced set-up time and scrap rate
  Automated quality monitoring

  LSP-HD 10 - Iron & Steel
LANDSCAN LSP Series - a range of high speed, wide angle infrared linescanning systems

  LSP-HD 10 Linescanner Head

 LSP-HD 10 : 600 to 1400 C / 1112 to 2552 F
 LSP-HD 11 : 700 to 1500 C / 1292 to 2732 F
LANDSCAN line scanning systems provide highly detailed, accurate temperature profile information across a hot object

  Hot strip and hot plate mill - rougher, edge heaters, box,
     finishing stands, gauging cold correction
  Beam, billet and sections mill - beam roughing and finishing
  Rod/wire mill - pre-coiler
  Continuous, thin strip - spray chamber, rougher, induction heater exit
  Reheat Furnace - furnace exit
  Welding - turbine shaft and induction pipe welding
  Galvanizing - snout, furnace
  Continuous Annealing Lines - heating
  Research and development

  LSP-HD 20 - Annealing & Galvanising
LANDSCAN LSP Series - a range of high speed, wide angle infrared linescanning systems

  LSP-HD 20 Linescanner Head

  LSP-HD 20 : 200 to 850 C / 392 to 1562 F
  LSP-HD 21 : 300 to 1000 C / 572 to 1832 F
  LSP-HD 22 : 400 to 1200 C / 752 to 2192 F

  Hot strip and hot plate mill - gauging cold correction, coiler
  Beam, billet and sections mill -rail head, gauging cold correction
  Rod/wire mill - cooling conveyor
  Continuous, thin strip and aluminium casting
  Galvanizing - top roll
  Galvanneal - entry dip, top roll
  Continuous annealing lines - cooling
  Research and development

  LSP-HD 50 - Glass
LSP5 inside its protective Float Line Lehr Mounting

Typical float glass application - Landscan WCA Software display showing colour-coded thermal image and thermal profiles

  LSP-HD 50 Linescanner Head

  LSP-HD 5FL : 150 to 750 C / 302 to 1382 F
  LSP-HD 50 : 150 to 750 C / 302 to 1382 F
  LSP-HD 52 : 500 to 1100 C / 932 to 2012 F

  Float Glass
  Glass Toughening/Tempering
  Glass Forming
  Automotive Glass

  LSP-HD 60 - Plastics, Non-wovens, Conveyors & Cement Kilns
LSP6 Series Linescanner Head

  LSP-HD 60 Linescanner Head

  LSP-HD 60 : 20 to 250 C / 68 to 482 F
  LSP-HD 61 : 50 to 400 C / 122 to 752 F
  LSP-HD 62 : 100 to 600 C / 212 to 1112 F

Profile of thermoformed plastics sheet

  Plastics thermoforming
  Torpedo car / ladle safety system
  Mineral processing - kiln shell temperature
  Paper and webs
  Polymer-based flooring
  Building products, plaster boards
  Low temperature coating processes
  General purpose low temperature applications
  Conveyor belt protection

  LSP-HD 71 - Plastics & Thermaforming
LSP71 head - specifically designed for process imaging and control in the hydrocarbon plastics industry

temperature profiles of plastic sheet

LSP-HD 71 Linescanner Head

  LSP-HD 71 : 50 to 350 C / 122 to 662 F

  Non-wovens - Polymers
  Plastics - Thin plastics, thermoforming
  Steel - Paint coating lines

The following Landscan literature downloads are available:
Brochure on the LSP-HD Overview
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 10 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 20 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 50 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 60 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 71
Datasheet on the LSP-HD I/O Processor
Brochure on the LSP-HD WCA Software
Brochure on the LSP-HD Mountings and Acc

If you would like more detailed product information please use the Further Information page.

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