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LSP-HD I/O Processor

The LSP-HD I/O Processor provide the essential interface between the LSP-HD Heads and the customers industrial process control systems.

The LSP-HD I/O Processor is a configurable system to provide access to processed data in the LSP-HD system. Its compact DIN rail mounted footprint combined with a standard ethernet interface allows it be located away from the harsh measurement environment and mounted discretely in existing equipment cabinets.

Core Module
Incoming Data Connection : RJ45 ETHERNET
Alarms : System Alarm, Remote Client Alarm
System Status : Indicated via LED
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LSP-HD Overview
LSP-HD 10 Series
LSP-HD 20 Series
LSP-HD 50 Series
LSP-HD 60 Series
LSP-HD I/O Processor
LSP-HD WCA Software
LSP-HD Mountings and Acc


Analogue Output Module
Number of Outputs : 4
Maximum No. of Modules : 12
Digital Output Module
Number of Digital Outputs per module : 4 x make contacts
Maximum No. of Modules : 4

Digital Input Module
Number of Digital Outputs per module : 4 x make contacts
Maximum No. of Modules : 4

Analogue Input Module
Number of Inputs : 2
Maximum No. of Modules : 8
Choose the Landscan Control processor to best suit your application  
Zone Processing    
WCA software enables you to configure up to 14 Control Zones (lane outputs) across the width of the product. Each zone can have its location and width individually set. These lanes can represent the average, minimum or maximum of the temperatures within each lane.

In the example below 11 lanes are shown equally spaced, (up to 14 can be configured any size any location). These lanes can output values from a batch processor as 4-20mA or 0-10V analog, ASCII digital over serial or Ethernet.

The software has ActiveX connectivity and an OPC server is available. Additionally the system can output 100, 200, 250, 500 or 1000 digital data points per scan line regardless of scan speed chosen. Even at 100 or 150 Hz scan speeds all 1000 data points are available. The lane locations can either be divided over the entire 80 degree scan angle or they can dynamically track the product edges. Contact alarms can be set for all lanes.
  The Landscan Control and Analyse (WCA) software provides extensive image processing, process control and ethernet and OPC options

The following Landscan literature downloads are available:
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Datasheet on the LSP-HD I/O Processor
Brochure on the LSP-HD WCA Software
Brochure on the LSP-HD Mountings and Acc

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