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LSP-HD WCA Software
LANDSCAN Control and Analyse (WCA) Software The LANDSCAN WCA software builds upon the proven capabilities of the fully featured LANDSCAN for Windows NT product.

It allows analysis and display of data from multiple LANDSCAN Head and Processor combinations.

A LANDSCAN Data Server can provide live and post product data to process control systems via both serial and ethernet links.

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LSP-HD Overview
LSP-HD 10 Series
LSP-HD 20 Series
LSP-HD 50 Series
LSP-HD 60 Series
LSP-HD I/O Processor
LSP-HD WCA Software
LSP-HD Mountings and Acc

Feature Guide
  Landscan process imagers provide high resolution thermal images of industrial products. By knowing the exact temperature distribution over the whole product surface you are able to modify your heating or cooling controls to improve product quality. Landscans precision optics and temperature sensing abilities are complimented by ophisticated and highly capable Landscan WCA software.

WCA has the ability to display live and stored hermal images in various different configurations. Files can be easily stored in a database and subsequently archived. Live and stored images can be viewed in multiple plant locations. Outputs for logging and process control are available in many formats. WCA software can process and display data from up to 8 Landscan systems at the same time. WCA senses if the PC has multiple CPU and will allocate different processing tasks to each CPU if that the case. This is ideal for processes that require multiple scanning sensors as all of them can be simultaneously monitored on the same PC. Incoming Landscan sensor data is transmitted over an industry standard Ethernet network.

Systems are very easy to construct using standard network switches, bridges and cabling. Landscan data that is stored on the network can be freely accessed, replayed and analyzed by other users with network access to those drives and folders.

The following Landscan literature downloads are available:
Brochure on the LSP-HD Overview
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 10 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 20 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 50 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 60 Series
Datasheet on the LSP-HD 71
Datasheet on the LSP-HD I/O Processor
Brochure on the LSP-HD WCA Software
Brochure on the LSP-HD Mountings and Acc

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