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Application of Landscan linescanning to Continuous Strip Processing Lines has been a growth area over th last few years, with over 50 Landscan sensor head installations world-wide.

Plants producing high grade material with demanding consistency requirement, for use in automotive body part or for white and brown goods, have quickly recognising that the enhanced information and subsequent process understanding delivered by a Landscan installation is critically important in meeting Quality Assurance objectives.

Benefits and Features
Yield enhancements attributable to more consistent product temperature distributions.

Subtracted map displays give immediate post-processed images of th difference between the lastest batch and a reference batch.

Database - trending for QA. statistical summaries, and downstrem customers' Cerificates of Conformity etc.

Enhanced understanding by Process Development and Reasearch of the coil coating process leading to more effective problem solving and enhance efficiency.R
Exit of each induction heater stage or exit furnace
Entry to last coller in Rapid Cooling Section (RCS)
Exit of RCS

Exit cooled rolls after RCS
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Model : LSP 10 Z5232

Operating wavelenth : 1.0m

Temperature range 600 to 1400C

Scan angel : 80/p>

Scan speed : Adjustable, 10 to 100Hz (in 10Hz steps)

Pocessor Configuration (data display, Product Storage)

4 D/A Outputs + 4 D/A Inputs

Field of View : 500:1 (Mininum spot size 2mm / 0.08 in at im/39in)







The following Landscan literature downloads are available:
Brochure on the LSP Series Heads - LSP5 Series, LSP6 Series and LSP71 - Last Modified 10/06/05 (184KB)
Datasheet on the LSP Series Heads - LSP10 and LSP2 Series Last Modified 05/09/06 (249KB)
Brochure on the Landscan Control Signal Processors (442KB)
Brochure on the LSP Series Mountings and Accessories (465KB)
Brochure on the Landscan Temperature Measurement System (242KB)

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