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SOLOnet - 디지털 비접촉식 적외선 온도계
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The new generation of intelligent, high precision digital infrared thermometers

SOLOnet is the world's first compact web browser enabled infrared thermometer system offering the user maximum flexibility and connectivity. With SOLOnet the user can configure the thermometer system to suit his individual measurement and control requirements.
Live temperature data is displayed on a PC or computer system via the web browser, together with related measurement parameters for ease of configuration. The parameters are easily adjusted and saved using drop-down menus or text windows.
Typically, end users will appreciate the convenience of configuring the thermometer via a standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Advanced users and OEMs will benefit from a lower-level interface with direct messaging via Ethernet or addressable RS485.
There are four different thermometer types with choice of operating wavelength, optical variants, laser alignment and measurement ranges to suit the chosen application within the operating range 200 to 1750°C/392 to 3182°F. The measurement span can be selected within the thermometer range, with the minimum measurement span being 50°C/90°F.
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Advantages of SOLOnet digital thermometers
SOLOnet offers OEMs, system builders and end users virtually limitless flexibility of choice making system integration simpler and easier than before.
Completely user configurable remotely via web browser, Ethernet or RS485
Flexibility of choice of inputs/outputs and alarm types
Flexibility of choice of interface
Simple, compact installation with a range of mountings and accessories
Accurate, repeatable, fast response measurements
Highly interchangeable
Traceability of calibration to National Standards
Benefits of SOLOnet digital thermometers
Improve product quality
Maximize production and throughput
Improve efficiency
Reduce energy costs

SOLOnet - The new generation of intelligent, high precision digital infrared thermometers
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