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SOLOnet Interface
SOLOnet Interface Unit SN-W/E SOLOnet thermometers utilise addressable RS485 communications. With this, a thermometer can communicate either directly with an external customer device or with the optional Land SOLOnet Interface Unit SN-W/E. SN-W/E manages and converts the thermometer’s RS485 messaging so that the user can:
Use the SN-W/E’s built-in webserver module to monitor and configure the thermometer using normal web browsing software
Assign the SN-W/E an IP address, integrate it within the organisational network and communicate with it via Ethernet messaging
Change the position of the front-panel mounted switch and communicate ‘straight through’ with addressable RS485
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Current and contact-closure I/O is also fitted to each SOLOnet thermometer as standard and this can be accessed directly or via the SN-W/E customer terminals

More SOLOnet Features
Flexible communications
Set measurement in °C or °F
Set sub-temperature span within the thermometer range (minimum span 50°C/90°F)
Extended operating range up to 50°C/90°F lower than thermometer specified range
Command input to control time functions
Provide alarm indications, via two hardware relay outputs and digital interface
Set emissivity or non-greyness value
Temperature output via both digital serial RS485 interface and current 0 or 4 to 20mA output
Trigger alignment laser
Monitor internal ambient temperature
Provides diagnostic information – input, output and alarm states can be monitored
User Calibration facility permits the user to apply a correction to the temperature measurement without disturbing the original factory calibration

SOLOnet Interface Unit SN-W/E
SN-W/E interface unit specifications
Mounting: DIN-rail
Dimensions: 114mm/4.49in x 75mm/2.95in
Power requirement: 24V d.c. nominal
Ambient operating range: 0 to 70°C/32 to 158°F
Sealing: IP20/NEMA 1
EMC: EN 61326:1999
Monitoring screen

User Log in screen

System set up screen

If you would like more detailed product information please use the Further Information page.

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