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SOLOnet 온도계 - 고품질, 다목적 신호 처리
SOLOnet - digital non contact infrared thermometers The SOLOnet series of infrared thermometers provides cost effective, reliable measurement in a wide variety of process control applications.
SOLOnet can be used in stand-alone, single point or multipoint installations with individually, remotely adjustable sub-temperature ranges, current outputs, emissivity or non greyness compensation and end user defined alarms settings.
Choice of built-in peak picker, track and hold or averager signal processing functions ensures accurate measurement of difficult or complex processes.
The optional DIN-rail mounted SOLOnet Webserver/Ethernet Interface Unit provides the user with a wide choice of configuration, interconnection, system monitoring and maintenance options.
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Intelligent, digital infrared thermometers with flexible methods of configuration
RS485, Web browser or Ethernet interface
High precision inputs/outputs, both digital and current formats
Simple and easy to configure to user requirements
Field changeable optics without need to recalibrate or any additional parts
Sapphire window is standard on all models - robust, low maintenance
Laser alignment option
Built-in peak picker, track & hold and averager time functions
Choice of alarm outputs, including 'insufficient signal' alarm for ratio thermometers
Rugged, sealed aluminum housing
Optional water cooled and air purged mountings and accessories
Two year warranty
SOLOnet offers a choice of 4 field changeable, fixed-focus optical configurations focused at 250, 500, 1000mm or infinity. The optics are simple to change using a color coded spacer system for ease of identification - no need for recalibration - no additional parts required.
SOLOnet has a wide choice of thermometer protection,
A wide choice of thermometer protection,
cooling and mounting options.

SOLOnet offers a choice of 4 field changeable, fixed-focus optical configurations
User configurable between four focus distances with robust sapphire protection window as standard.
Optional laser targeting system
Optional laser targeting system, activated remotely or from the thermometer.

 Operating range:
550 to 1750°C/
1022 to 3182°F
250 to 1300°C/
482 to 2372°F
200 to 1100°C/
392 to 2012°F
700 to 1750°C/
1292 to 3182°F
 Specified range:
600 to 1750°C/
1112 to 3182°F
300 to 1300°C/
572 to 2372°F
250 to 1100°C/
482 to 2012°F
750 to 1750°C/
1382 to 3182°F
 Spectral response:
1µm ratio
 Field of view (95% energy):
Fixed, user configurable focus: 250mm/9.8in, 500mm/19.7in, 1000mm/39.4in and infinity
0 or 4 to 20mA user selectable (isolated 50V)
 Response time (0 to 90%):
0.10 to 1.00
 Non greyness:
0.80 to 1.25
 Resolution (mid range):
 Accuracy (absolute):
 Time functions:
Peak picker, track and hold, and averager
 Alarm outputs:
Process high, process low, internal temperature, emissivity/NG signal lost,
insufficient signal (SNR1 only);
rated to 50V d.c., 0.1A non-inductive, NO or NC - software selectable
 Optional sighting:
Laser defining optical axis; class 2, 1mW, 650nm, 120s ON duration, automatic switch-off
 Ambient limits:
5 to 60°C/41 to 140°F specified; 0 to 70°C/32 to 158°F operating
EN 61326:1999 (immunity and emission)
3g (10 to 300Hz)
 Power supply:
18 to 30V d.c. (24V d.c. nominal)
 Optional accessories:
Air cooled/purged jacket, water cooled/air purged jacket, air purge and mounting bracket,
1-axis and 2-axis adjustable mounting brackets, 3m, 15m, 25m prewired cable assemblies,
Web/Ethernet Interface Unit SN-W/E, d.c. power supply unit, temperature indicator unit LMi

If you would like more detailed product information please use the Further Information page.

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