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광케이블  FG 온도계
Fibroptic Model FG thermometer  
Non contact two-wire Fibroptic thermometer for high temperatures.

Fibroptic Model FG operates at short wavelengths to provide maximum accuracy of measurement for high temperature applications between 980 and 1650°C/1800 and 3000°F.

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System 4 


A 4 to 20mA linear output is provided directly from the thermometer for connection to temperature readout, recording or control equipment. The only requirement is a suitable power supply.

The same two wires that provide the power to the thermometer also carry the temperature signal out.

Fibroptic Model FG is a rugged thermometer in which an optic head is linked by a fibre optics light guide to an uncooled body, housing a signal processing unit, located remotely from the high ambient temperatures at the optic head.

The use of flexible, high temperature rated fibre optics light guide and optic head allows measurement of targets which may be inaccessible to conventional thermometers.

Typical Applications
Induction Heating   Ceramics   Mineral Processing
Glass   Heat Treatment   Welding and Weld preheat

A Literature download on this product is available here
Last Modified 17/10/05 (163KB).

  Measurement ranges    
  FG 9.8/13C
FG 18/24F
FG 10/14C
FG 12/16.5C
FG 22/30F

980 to 1300°C
1800 to 2400°F
1000 to 1400°C
1200 to 1650°C
2200 to 3000°F
  Target size: 20mm dia. at 1m/0.8in dia. at 39.4in  
  Spectral response: 0.7 to 1.0µm    
     Interchangeability ±2°C  
     Resolution 0.1°C  
     Linearization conformity <0.5°C  
     Temp. coefficient <0.04°C/°C - mid span
<0.07°C/°C - span extremities
     Absolute 5°C  
  Output 4 to 20mA (Linear)  
  Response time 0.5s (to 98%)  
  Spectral response 0.7 to 1.0µm  
  System test output 1275°C/2325°F indicated  
  Emissivity 0.10 to 1.00 adjustable (factory set to 1.00)  
  Ambient temp. limits
   Optic head

     Light guide 175°C/350°F  
     Processor 10 to 60°C/50 to 140°F  
  Power requirement 24V d.c. (nominal), 18 to 40V d.c.  
  Over voltage protection 250V a.c.  

If you would like more detailed product information please use the Further Information page.

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