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SYSTEM 4 - 비접촉식 적외선 온도계 시스템
System 4 - non contact infrared radiation thermometer systems System 4 a complete family of non contact temperature monitoring systems Landmark Graphic - one of a range of processors from the System 4 range System 4 has a comprehensive range of thermometers and mountings and accessories

System 4 is a complete family of non contact temperature monitoring systems designed to give you the flexibility and choice in both performance and price to meet your exact measurement requirements.
Select from a range of Processors, Thermometers and Mountings and Accessories to suit your particular application.

Features of System 4
    Fully interchangeable thermometer and processors ensure maximum flexibility without the need for recalibration
Wide range of thermometers with focusable, through-the-lens sighting or flexible fibroptics with optional laser targeting
Small target capability
Wide range of highly effective mounting accessories
Rugged, flexible, modular design
Accurate, reliable, drift-free measurement
Industry standard outputs to suit any process monitoring, recording or control system

® Landmark is a registered trademark
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System 4 신호 처리 장치
  Landmark Graphic
  Landmark Classic
  Landmark Profibus
  Landmark Technic
  Landmark Basic

System 4 적외선 온도계
  Standard Thermometers
  Fibroptic Thermometers

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