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System 4 Mountings and Accessories   A choice of mounting and protection accessories includes a highly efficient air/water cooled thermometer jacket, sealed end cap with pre-wired connector, high efficiency air purge unit, and a range of sighting tubes and mounting assemblies.

Three complete systems are available for industrial, non-hostile and laboratory applications. Once the jacket and mountings have been installed, with the thermometer sighted onto the target, the thermometer can be removed without disturbing the installation.
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System 4 신호 처리 장치
System 4 적외선 온도계

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Literature Download A Literature download on the System 4 Mountings and Accessories is available. Last Modified (08/07/03) (849KB).
A Literature download on the System 4 Close Focus Lenses is available. Last Modified (12/08/05) (80KB).
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