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Cyclops 100 L 휴대용 온도계
Cyclops 100 and 100B Portable Thermometers   Land Cyclops 100 L is a general purpose, high precision, portable infrared thermometer, designed for accurate measurement of temperatures in the range 550 to 3000°C/1022 to 5432°F.

Two models are available - Cyclops 100 L. Both provide wired RS232 serial communications - Cyclops 100 L also features user-friendly "Bluetooth" wireless communications.

Temperature range:   550 to 3000°C/
1022 to 5432°F
Target size: 4.8mm at 1m/
0.18in at 39.3in
Spectral response: 1µm
Emissivity range: 0.10 to 1.20
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Land PockeTherm

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Accessories/Optional Extras

  Literature Downloads  
  A download on the Cyclops 100 L is available - 03/02/06 (241kb)

A range of other PDF downloads is available >>>

Digital signal processing
High accuracy and repeatability
Long term, drift free measurement
Advanced spectral filtering to give enhanced performance
Robust - ideal for industrial use
Choice of datalogged outputs
Bluetooth option available
Range of optional accessories
Continuous, Peak, Valley and Averaging modes
Multi functional display
Flexible user configuration
Cyclops 100 L is ideal for use in a wide range of industries and applications.
Heat treatment

The bright, back-lit external display panel provides an indication of status and configuration of the thermometer together with four simultaneous live measurement modes.
The panel displays a simple icon-driven, language-free menu system navigated via keypad controls.

Cyclops 100 external graphical display

The user highlights the mode to be displayed in the viewfinder:
• Mode selection
• Emissivity
• Window Compensation
• Communication Status
• Battery Status
• Alarm Status
  Temperature range: 550 to 3000°C/1022 to 5432°F
  Indication: 4 digit LCD in viewfinder, external backlit LCD display
  Measuring Modes: Continuous, Average, Peak and Valley
  Datalogging: To iPAQ or laptop/PC running DL-1000v2 software. Wired or wireless Bluetooth connection (C100B only)
  Optical System: 9° field of view with 1/3° (180:1 to 98% energy) measurement area. Eyepiece adjustable -3.75 to +2.5 diopters
  Focusing range: 1m/39.3in to infinity
450 to 620mm/17.7 to 24.5in - with optional close-up lenses
215mm/8.5in fixed focus        - with optional close-up lenses
  Target size: 4.8mm at 1m//0.19in at /39.3in
1.8mm/0.07in                        - with optional close-up lenses
0.4mm/0.016in                      - with optional close-up lenses
  Spectral response: 1µm with advance spectral filtering
  Emissivity adjustment: 0.10 to 1.20 in 0.01 step graduations
  Response time: 30ms
  Display update time: 0.5s
  Accuracy: <0.25%(K) of reading
  Repeatability: <0.1%(K) of reading
  Operating temp. range 0 to 50°C/32 to 122°F
  Power requirement: One MN1604/6LR61/PP3 battery
  Output: RS232, Bluetooth (C100B only)
  Weight: 0.83kg/1.8lb
  Sealing: IP54/NEMA3
  Standard accessories: Lens cap, protection window/filter, battery, wrist strap
  Optional accessories: Close-up lenses, Datalogger DL-1000, HP iPAQ, rugged waterproof carry case

A Literature download on the Cyclops 100 L is available.
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If you would like more detailed product information please use the Further Information page.

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