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CYCLOPS 용융 금속 휴대용 온도계 CYCLOPS 055 Z5232
CYCLOPS Meltmaster Portable Thermometer   The unique features of the new Cyclops Meltmaster portable infrared thermometer make it the ideal instrument for accurate non contact temperature measurements of liquid metals in the foundry.

Cyclops Meltmaster is intended to save time and money in the foundry by reducing the number of dips required with disposable thermocouples.
Temperature range:   1000 to 2000°C/1832 to 3632°F
Target size: 28mm/1.1 in target spot diameter from lens to 5m/197 in
Spectral response: 0.55µm
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Operates at a short wavelength of 0.55µm which is specially selected to ensure maximum freedom from errors due to variable emissivity and atmospheric absorption.
The thermometer automatically compensates for ambient temperature changes to give immediate, reliable readings.
Fast response time of 30ms.

  Measurement range: 1000 to 2000°C/1832 to 3632°F
  Indication: 4 digit LCD in viewfinder; external backlit LCD display
  Measuring Modes Peak, Continuous, Valley and advanced MeltMaster processing functions
  Calculating Modes Maximum (MAX), Mean (MEAN), Minimum (Min)
  Optical System: 9° field of view with 1/3° measurement area(180:1 to 98% energy); eyepiece adjustable -3.75 to +2.5 diopters
  Focusing range: Fixed Focus, nominally at 5m/197 in. from thermometer body datum
  Target size: Nominally a constant 28mm /1.1 in target spot diameter from lens to 5m /197 in.
  Spectral response: 0.55µm
  Emissivity adjustment: 0.10 to 1.20 in 0.01 step graduations
  Response time: 30 ms (approx.)
  Accuracy <0.5 %(K) of reading
  Repeatability: <1°C/2°F
  Operating temp. range 0 to 50°C/32 to 122°F
  Storage Temp. Range -20 to 55°C/-4 to 131°F
  Power source: One MN1604/6LR61/PP3 battery
  Power Consumption: 20mA with display on and 5mA with display off approx.
  Dimensions: 208x70x154mm/8.2X2.75X6.1in
  Weight: 0.8kg/1.76lb

Literature Download

The following downloads are available:
Cyclops Meltmaster portable thermometer - Last Modified (24/07/02) (91KB).
Liquid Metal Temperature Measurement System - Datasheet - Last Modified 25/07/02 (64KB).

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