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Land PockeTherm 30/30A/31/32C 휴대용 온도계
Land PockeTherm 30/30A/31/32C portable infrared thermometers   These hand held infrared thermometers provide a fast, low-cost way of checking temperatures.
They use laser technology to pinpoint and define the measurement area, operate with two AA-size batteries and are small enough to slip into a pocket.

Simply aiming the thermometer and pressing the trigger gives a temperature reading in just 1.5 seconds on the bright back-lit LCD display that automatically illuminates in low light conditions.
Four models are available for a wide range of applications:
PockeTherm 30 Circular laser targeting system
PockeTherm 30A With additional audible and visual alarms
PockeTherm 31 With additional peak and valley hold functions
PockeTherm 32C Twin LED beams for accurate, close-up sighting
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The PockeTherm Series offer:   Ideal for a wide range of applications in industries including:
Accurate, fast response   Food - 'Dangerous Zone' measuring, coolers, chillers, ovens
Palm sized, ergonomic and easy to use   Electrical - power supplies, component testing, hot spots
Only requires 2 x AA size batteries   Automotive - cylinders and manifolds, wheel bearings, brakes
Clearly defined target measurement area   Maintenance and Condition monitoring in any industry

Land PockeTherm 30
Land PockeTherm 30A
Land PockeTherm 31
Land PockeTherm 32C
  Target Applications:
Food Industry,
Preventive Maintenance/Condition Monitoring
Maintenance/Condition Monitoring
Electrical/ Electronic Industry
  Temperature Range:
-40 to 400°C/-40 to 760°F
-50 to 500°C/-50 to 950°F
  Above 200°C/400°F:
  Below 0°C/32°F:

(emissivity 1.00, 10 to 18°C/50 to 64°F ambient temp.)
  Above 200°C/400°F:
  0°C/32°F to 100°C/400°F:

within 1°C/2°F
(emissivity 1.00, 10 to 18°C/50 to 64°F ambient temp.)
  Display Mode:
Measure (Cont.)
Cont., Peak, Valley
External LCD, Back-lit
  Measuring Area:
70mm/2.76in dia at 1000mm/39.37in
2.5mm/0.1in dia at 27mm/1.06in
  Response Time:
1.5s (to 90%)
  Spectral Response:
8 to 14µm
  Targeting System:
Circle (Laser Diode),
1.0mW max, 550nm
2 Beams (Laser Diode),
1.0mW max, 550nm
  Ambient Operating Temp:
-20 to 55°C/-4 to 130°F. Relative humidity not exceeding 85% (at 35°C/95°F)
  Emissivity Adjustment:
0.95, 0.90, 0.85 Selectable
0.1 to 1.00 in 0.01 increments
Audible and Flashing Display Alarms (Upper/Lower)
  Power Supply:
2 AA-Size Batteries, 3V, 80mA, Auto Power Save
  Battery Life:
Approx. 20 hours (laser operating, continuous use)
27.5 x 44.0 x 152.0mm/1.08 x 1.73 x 5.98in

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