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BODY IMAGER - Miniature Human Body Temperature System
Body Imager - Miniature Human Body Temperature System   State of the art infrared detector and electronic signal processing technologies have been combined to provide high performance, compact thermal imaging systems for mass screening and body temperature measurement purposes at an attractive price.

The need for fast, accurate determination of human body temperature has lead to the development of a high-resolution thermal imaging camera system capable of discerning small differences in temperature.

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Thermography is a fast non-intrusive, non-contact means of detecting temperature radiance differences. The Land thermal imaging system, utilising a certified calibrated source, provides unparallel accuracy compared to other imaging camera techniques.

The Human Body Temperature Monitoring System HBTMS was used successfully for mass screening in public places, such as airports, ports and terminals, following the need to restrict the spread of the recent deadly SARS outbreak.

The use of Land's Human Body Temperature Monitoring System HBTMS is just one of the measures which can help minimize global public health risks that could arise from large outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (bird flu).

This non contact system is simple and easy to set up and operate, and can assist in monitoring and detecting a significant rise in the skin surface temperature (usually the face), which is typically associated with a person running a high fever.
Complete system solution
Miniature, continuous operation on-line thermal imagers
Certified temperature calibration source
Simple installation
Remote control from a PC using proven, dedicated imaging software
Extensive thermal image processing capability
Alarm functions
Real time image recording and playback
Information exchange with other applications using DDE and OLE, such as Microsoft Office or LabView

Human Body Thermal Image

Helping to combat the threat of the avian flu pandemic

The Land Human Body Temperature Measuring System – HBTMS is a tried-and-tested thermal imager for monitoring the temperature of the human body which can be used to help minimise the global public health risk posed by the highly pathogenic avian flu.

Land, a world-leading specialist in infrared temperature measurement, developed HBTMS in response to the need to restrict the spread of the deadly SARS outbreak in 2003, which was used successfully for mass screening in public places such as airports, ports and terminals.

Such precautions are in line with warnings on avian flu issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), which has called for heightened monitoring and surveillance and welcomed initiatives on epidemiologic investigation.

The thermal imaging system provides a thermographic images of human body temperatures (typically the face) at a distance and comparing it with that of an extremely precise blackbody calibration source at high speed - 30 frames per second - to provide a highly accurate measurement of body temperature.

With a typical detection distance of 3 metres/10 feet, the system gives a field of view of 90 x 70cm/35 x 27inches from the thermal imager.

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