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Thermal Cameras
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FTI Mini

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Human Body Imager
Medical Research Applications
Radiometric Imaging System

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FTI Mv Thermal Imager   The extremely compact design of the FTI Mv series provide a uniquely practical and economic route to thermal surveillance and machine vision within the temperature range -20 to 500°C/-4 to 932°F.

State of the art infrared detector and signal processing technologies have been brought together to provide a compact high performance thermal vision system at an attractive price.
LIPS Mini software   LIPS Mini software provides remote control, a powerful range of image processing routines and alarm outputs.

It can be linked with vision analysis software such as Lab view with IMAQ to create a sophisticated process monitoring system.

Its compactness is ideal for medical and veterinary use in the consulting room or laboratory.

Miniature on-line thermal imagers
Easy plant installation
New wide angle lens (50 x 37.5° Field of view)
New range of interchangeable close up lens, focus range from 70 to 550mm and targets as small as 0.13 diameter
RS422 digital interface for PC
Remote control from a PC using LIPS Mini software
LIPS Mini image processing software provides temperature estimation, five colour palettes, zoom and noise filtering
Alarm functions
Information exchange with other applications using DDE and OLE, such as Microsoft Office or Lab View

Thermal surveillance
Machine vision
Process monitoring
Inspection of circuit assemblies
Medical and veterinary

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