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Radiometric Thermal Imaging System - Research
High performance miniature radiometric imaging systems

thermal image
  High performance miniature radiometric thermal imaging systems

The powerful combination of the new miniature FTI Mv and FTI Mini thermal imagers and the new high stability and accurate P100i temperature reference source has resulted in the most accurate on-Line radiometric thermal imaging systems available today.

The P100i temperature reference sources are highly stable black body cavities which are placed in the temperature scene to provide continuous on-Line calibration of the thermal image.

This on-Line 'in scene' calibration technique (patent applied for) results in temperature accuracy of better than ±0.5°C, with repeatability of 0.2°C, traceable to ITS-90.

Typical Research Applications

Semiconductor development
PCB Testing and Research
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Application Dedicated Systems
Slag Detection
Human Body Imager
Medical Research Applications

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P100i reference source  
bullet Temperature range 0 to 90 °C
bullet Miniature thermal imagers
bullet Simple installation
bullet 'In scene' calibration using either P100i reference sources or Thermocouple/RTDs on-Line
bullet Serial communications allow installation up to 1km from measurement point
bullet Highly Accurate stable temperature measurement
A Literature download on Thermal Imaging for Research and Development Applications is available.
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Radiometric Imaging System Schematic

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