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The LAND calibration facility was formed so that customer requirements for temperature calibration can be satisfied.

The laboratory offers a comprehensive service for the calibration of temperature sensors and sources including; radiation thermometers, thermal imagers, thermocouples and blackbody sources.
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Calibration Laboratory
The Land laboratory, in the UK, was the first to be accredited in 1970 for the issue of Calibration Certificates in the field of thermal measurements and was also the first to be accredited for the issue of certificates that meet the requirements of ISO 17025.

Today, it is used and respected by many leading companies throughout the world. Regular inspections and comparisons supervised by UKAS and Lloyds personnel and customers such as Rolls-Royce and General Electric, ensure that the high standards of performance are maintained in the fully equipped air conditioned laboratory.

LAND in the United States is also a comprehensive product service facility for the Americas and is set up to provide certification traceable to National and International standards and is in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025:1999.

The calibration of test equipment used for the field service is also traceable to National Standards. Reports issued are acceptable to most quality assurance authorities.

A consultancy service is available to advise customers on the best method of obtaining traceability for temperature measuring instrumentation. For some organisations this may mean establishing their own laboratory. A comprehensive range of calibration equipment is available for those companies wishing to set up their own calibration facility. For others it may involve having an independent engineer carry out regular on-site services and checks or returning their instruments to the Land laboratory for re-certification.
Regular traceable calibration is essential for temperature measuring equipment if accuracy is to be maintained. Many authorities, particularly the Ministry of Defence and Rolls Royce specify the frequency of re-calibration for sub-contractor's instruments.

Remembering re-calibration dates is often a cause of trouble and concern, particularly when more than one type of device is used, as thermocouples, radiation thermometers and potentiometers all have different re-calibration frequencies.

In order to remove this burden from the instrumentation engineer we have introduced a Re-calibration Reminder Service. With this service customers automatically receive a written reminder when any item of temperature measuring equipment is due for re-calibration.

For accurate temperature measurement with radiation thermometers the emissivity of the measured surface must be determined.

For customers who do not have the necessary equipment and know-how to obtain this vital parameter LAND provide a service which is fast, convenient and accurate.

Simply send a sample to our laboratory together with your order.

We will conduct the required tests and return the sample with the emissivity information. Ideally the sample should be supplied as a 50mm diameter disc. We will extract a suitable sample from your material in our laboratory as an extra service.


Measured Quantity or Instrument Range Best Measurement
Capability Expressed
as an Uncertainty (+)*
Platinum thermocouples 0 to 1100C
1100 to 1600C
Other thermocouples 0 to 600C
600 to 1000C
1000 to 1300C
Radiation thermometers (pyrometers) -10 to 1100C
1100 to 1600C
1600 to 2500C
0.3% of temperature
Blackbody sources -10 to 200C
200 to 600C
600 to 1000C
1000 to 1600C
Electronic thermometers with sensors
- Analog
- Digital
Range as for sensors As for sensors - plus:
Half scale division
One least significant digit
DC voltage Up to 20V 30ppm + 2V
The following types of instrument can be calibrated in accordance with the schedule measured quantities and ranges. An uncertainty reported on a UKAS calibration certificate will be that for the instrument itself during calibration plus the appropriate measurement capability of the laboratory for the quantities and ranges concerned.
Electrical calibration of temperature indicators - analog or digital, d.c. only

* The uncertainties are for a confidence probability of not less than 95%.
NOTE: The degree Celsius (C) is equal to the Kelvin (K) temperature interval.
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