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Infrared Temperature Measurement Combustion and Environmental Monitoring
 On-line Thermometers
  System 4
   - Processors
   - Thermometers
   - Mountings and Accessories
   - Interface
   - Thermometers
   - Mountings and Accessories

  Stand Alone Thermometers

  2-wire Thermometers
   Model FG

 Application Solutions
  Aluminum Billet
  Aluminum Extrusion
  Aluminum Die Preheat
  Incinerator Thermometer
  Drawing Tower Furnace
  Electronic Alignment Actuator
  Fibroptic Thermometer
  Float Line Thermometer
  Foundry Liquid Metals
  Furnace Thermometer
  Galvanneal Thermometer
  Glass Thermometer
  Glass Toughening/
  Tempering Thermometer

  Glass Mould Thermometer
  Ladle Safety System
  LMG AE Signal Processor
  Orbiter Thermometer
  Quench Thermometer
  Roadstone Thermometer
  Spray Chamber System
  Stove Dome Thermometer
  Strip Thermometer
  Understrip Thermometer
  Optical Fiber Thermometer

Portable Thermometers
  Cyclops 100
  Cyclops Meltmaster
  PocketTherm Thermometer


Thermal Imagers
  Land Guide M4
  Body Imager
  FTI Mini
  Portable Imager
  SDS Slag Detection
  FTI Mv Medical System
  FTI Mv Research System

Calibration Sources
  Landcal R1500T
  Landcal R1200P
  Landcal P80P
  Landcal P550P
  Landcal P1600B2
  Landcal P1200B
  Container Glass
  Float Glass
  Optical Fiber

 Iron and Steel
  Iron and Steel
  Hot Rolling Mill

 Mineral Processing
  Mineral Processing

 Non-ferrous Metals
  Aluminum Extrusion
  Aluminum Rolling

  Plastics Thermoforming

 Thermal Imaging

 Other Industries

 Quality Assurance

 Training Courses
 On-Line Training

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 Combustion Monitoring
  9000 Series
   - Probes
   - Control Units
  220 ADM
  440 ADM
  Acid Dewpoint

 Dust and Opacity
  4500 Premier

 Stack Emissions
  FGA 900
  Series CEM
  220 ADM SO3

 Portable Gas Analyzers
  Lancom III
  Lancom Sample Probes
  220 ADM

 Coal Fire Detection Systems
  Mill Fire Detector
  Railcar Fire Detector
  Conveyor Fire Detector
  Coal Pile Fire Detector
  Infrared Coal Fire Monitor
  Portable Thermal Imager

 Turbine Blade Monitoring
  Turbine Sentry
  Blade Sentry
  Rotor Sentry
  Data Sentry

Services and Support
 Customer Services
 Custom Solutions
 Site Validation

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